Art Programming by Mehackit

Art Programming Basics & Projects:
Art Programming Basics will get you started with programming visuals, animations and interactive user interfaces. On the course we use the free Processing-environment which is widely used by artists and educators all over the world!

Learning Outcomes

During this module you will learn the very basics of programming and how to make visual art with Processing. Besides programming, you also learn about graphic design, animating things and developing your own visual ideas with the given tools. We want to approach technology in creative and cross-curricular way that makes it possible for everyone to get inspired by it.


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ART, PEDAGOGY AND TECHNOLOGY! Mehackit is a social business providing high-quality creative technology training, learning content and pedagogics. We give positive experiences in making technology projects - motivation, enthusiasm and fun are the core of learning at Mehackit. After founding in 2014, we have trained over 1000 teachers and reached over 4000 students worldwide. Our mission is to make technology skills more equal by developing educational solutions and material. We want young people and teachers to experience creative control over technology, and share the awakened curiosity and eagerness with their friends, students or colleagues.

Mehackit Oy.


Mehackit Atelier is designed to help students to learn programming in a creative cross-curricular way. Many contemporary national curriculums address the importance of learning to use ICT and programming in a project-based manner. The importance of creativity, thinking skills and the ability to work independently is emphasized as well, among many other so called 21st century skills.

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