A strong believer of visual and hands on learning. Over the past years CodeWizzRD has developed and nurtured fruitful relations with several elementary and middle schools in the Poway Unified School District.

CodeWizzRD founder Kinga Pocsveiler is a parent tech advisor on the PUSD Technology Committee, as well as Elementary schools in the Cardiff Elementary School District and the San Diego School District.

Kinga's goal is to shape the students’ experience towards the Finnish school model and improve the STEAM education in the US one student, one school, one district at a time.

Learning Outcomes

Elementary and middle school level computer programming lessons.

True STEAM experience! We learn coding, play music, animate stories, build robots, promote science, and much more.

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CodeWizzRD’s mission is to empower the new generation to become producers rather than consumer of digital content. CodeWizzRD courses are based on the curriculum and are enhanced with real-life industry experience. CodeWizzRD instructors are trained professionals in either computer science or mathematics, and education, and are very enthusiastic about preparing the next generation for the digital era.



“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, let me do it and I’ll understand”. Confucius

Kinga Pocsveiler, Founder and Educator.


Under 15




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