Cove IoT

Back to School helps to ensure kids are in safe environment, the Remote Monitoring Solution ensures alerts and contact tracing. Gamification implemented to ensure good adoption and behavior change compliance. Offers premium digital education content for all grades. COVEĀ®, a registered brand of KaHa Pte Ltd, is an end to end smart IoT wearables platform, which enable brands to launch range of smart products. Our vision is to bring wearable technology in everyday life to make it more enriching, safe & fun.

Learning Outcomes

With the wearable technology students and schools are able to monitor and follow their daily behavior, safety and contact tracing. Students learn how to control their health, how to keep nutrition, daily routine, physical activities on the right track. This supports their healthy growth and future life.


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IoT wearables for schools for multiple use.

KaHa Pte Ltd.


"KaHa's mission is for applying IoT technology for the GOOD and to EMPOWER."

Pawan Gandhi, CEO.


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