Erase All Kittens

Erase All Kittens is a highly engaging, Mario-style game designed to inspire students aged 8-13 to code, whilst giving a simple introduction to professional coding skills, such as HTML. The online game is set in a magical internet universe where players learn digital skills to build and fix levels, so that they can save kittens from an evil rebellion - Operation E.A.K. Erase All Kitten's highly gamified and story-driven approach provides teachers with an easier and more efficient method of delivering code education. The game supports the national computing curriculum and has also been shown to inspire young students to become researchers, teachers, problem solvers, team builders, writers and designers as well as coders.

Learning Outcomes

The Erase All Kittens game currently consists of approximately 60 minutes of gameplay content teaching computational thinking and introducing professional digital skills - basic HTML syntax, and how to create URLs - whilst building up creativity and critical thinking. The Erase All Kittens lesson plans and worksheets (3 hours of content) fully support the UK computing curriculum, and provide 3 hours of learning content (60 minutes for each lesson plan).


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Erase All Kittens, Building the first game designed to teach children transferable digital skills, and give girls the confidence to code.

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United Kingdom

"We created EAK to bridge the gap between young students learning basic concepts and learning meaningful skills which can be used to create on the web. Our aim is also to inspire girls early on whilst equipping them with digital skills - to spark a lifelong interest in coding and technology." - Dee Saigal, CEO / Creative Director

Dee Saigal, CEO/ Creative Director.


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Supported Platforms : Web browser, Windows, Mac OS.