How about starting a new space program with your students? Kitsat, together with its ground segment unit and control software, provides an ecosystem for realistic satellite operation simulations. It is a complete package for inspirational sci-tech teaching. Kitsat is developed in collaboration with Finnish teachers. The material includes tasks, missions and assignments that will emphasize different aspects of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). Additionally, 21st century skills, such as communication, ICT, critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration, multiliteracy, and entrepreneurship, are the core of the material. Kitsat is used in teaching by introducing different STEAM concepts through tasks and missions that are linked with the satellite kit. Each mission and task are different and demand different skills and knowledge. The students will work in groups, individually, and in pairs depending on the task or mission at hand. During the Kitsat course, the students will operate Kitsat with a ground station radio and mission control software, which will be included in the package. One Windows 10 PC is required for operation. There are various kinds of missions and tasks in the student's material. Every task and mission is wrapped in a narrative that progresses as the students progress. There are also game elements spread around the material to keep the students motivated and to offer a meaningful and engaging context where to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired. Kitsat can be adapted by grammar school STEM teachers without previous background in teaching space or technology. A basic Kitsat package contains a set of 10 satellites, 4 ground station radios, tools for assembly and disassembly, and an instructor's package.

Learning Outcomes

Radio control and communication skills, related ICT knowledge. Students get familiar with space communication and satellite technology.


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Space up your STEAM education with KITSAT.

Arctic Astronautics Oy.


We want to make it possible for everyone to teach themselves about space.

Tessa Nikander, Co-Founder, CEO.


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Supported Platforms : Windows 10 PC, Web browsers