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EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Learn together at school Our curriculum is based on CLIL pedagogy full of interesting content which is age appropriate and supporting the core developmental areas in early childhood. Any teacher can start up teaching English as an additional language to young children. A one year license subscription for a school costs 300 euros vat 0%. Included in our online program are 12 interesting topic courses with 4 lessons per topic course.

Learning Outcomes

Studies show that early language teaching is effective if it is of high quality and age appropriate. Our annual program supports the Finnish early childhood curriculum. Each week 5-10 new words are introduced and all the content in the weekly lessons supports the expansive use of the vocabulary introduced through our pedagogical solution based on flexible diversity. Our content is designed and developed in Finland.


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The Language Clubhouse online educational program is a modern tool to help educators and staff start up and develop their methods of English teaching as an additional language to young children ages 3-10.


Espoo, Finland

“The Language Clubhouse program platform you made brings English into children's everyday life easily.”

Satu Kiviranta, Teacher of Early Childhood Education.


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