Le Frehindi

Our Philosophy 

Le Frehindi, Paris was founded with the aim to promote and spread awareness of being a global citizen in the 21st century. Countries world over have gone through gigantic shift and transformation in the last one century. From industrialization, education, Trade, construction, medicine to technology, every sector has shown development manifolds resulting in increased interaction and dependence of countries on one another. 

Le Frehindi has taken initiative to start a movement at grass root level. With its various program like cultural exchanges with multiple nations, scholastic tours for youth, short term & Long term cultural & linguistic programs coupled with various long term study abroad programs at graduate as well as masters level, Auroville multicultural experience, Summer & winters camps around the world, Special Teachers Tours & multi cultural pedagogical experiences, FAM Tours for decision makers of partner schools & Universities etc especially designed to inculcate the essentials in students & their teachers. 

Le Frehindi is aiming to foster capable future leaders who will work towards building a new one world. 

 Frehindi aims help youth of the world become better human beings via various global citizenship programs including the following youth travel & educational programs :  

  1. Scholastic tours 
  2. Exchange Programs 
  3. Summer & winter camps 
  4. Linguistic Tours 
  5. Heritage Tours 
  6. Global Language development programs 
  7. Teachers Training Programs 
  8. Publications for youth 
  9. Pepoetryworkshops 

What we have achieved so far:

  • 20000+ Spellbee Participants per year 
  • 200+ Youth scholastic Tours Organised 
  • 800+ Workshops 
  • 300+ Teachers Trained
  • 175+ Partner Schools across globe
  • 70+ Partner Universités across globe 
  • 500000+ Youth Success Stories 
  • And Still Counting 

Fostering Innovation: Opportunities: Tolerance  

In the Covid times and the post Covid period the mobility of students to acquire a multicultural experience will be substantially limited within European Union and internationally too. However many students must not miss the experience of multiculturalism as it has the following critical benefits: 

  1.  Learning to accept the cultural differences and beliefs for successful social relationships and becoming Global Citizens truly learning to live together.  
  2. Helping Europe to become a “Melting Pot” where sharing, respect and tolerance is key to harmony and peace. It is  important for economic as well as growth of common agreed culture.  
  3. It fosters innovation, opportunities and a broader perspective on future jobs and entrepreneurship making students future ready.  

LeFreHindi wishes to launch a not for profit solidarity project for which it would like to apply for European Grant which will allow it to engage teachers, guides and coordinators and collaborations with schools, universities and local associations and expat population to reach its objective to provide multicultural experience to students in European Union and also to give experience of Europe to students outside European Union.  

The project will be carried out virtually within the collaborating institution for its students backed by live workshops and events delivered in association with local not for profit exact community associations found in all the cities of Europe and also in big international cities.  

With this initiative we wish to continue the benefits of cultural and linguistic exchanges during Covid times which are so important for the youths of today in an integrated world where there is a renewed need for foster sharing, innovation, tolerance and acceptance.  


Learning Outcomes

Our programs foster values pertaining to world peace, tolerance, understanding, shared learning & knowledge, environmental protection, respect for other cultures & universal brotherhood.


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Le Frehindi, Under the patronage of the Embassy of India, is a youth benefit organisation based in Paris and founded with a goal to help today’s youth to become true global citizens who are innovative, curious, confident, respectful as well as tolerant towards other cultures & ways of living while being concerned about the common issues faced by humanity be it education disparity, environmental protection, drug abuse, discrimination, poverty or violence.

Le Frehindi


I am passionate about adding value to youth through development of creative, experiential & out of the box programs.The goal is to help students become global citizens for a better world & better environment based on values of peace, shared knowledge, tolerance, acceptance and respect for each other.

Haru Mehra, Group CEO at Le Frehindi .


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