MindChamp focuses on developing the logical thinking abilities of students through Computer Science (coding/programming). This is achieved through activity based learning, placing a strong emphasis on reasoning and learning-by-doing. OPIN Building blocks of logic using concepts in Computer Science. Students play with logical concepts in an engaging manner. Grades III-V | Computer Required MY FIRST ANIMATION STORY Building blocks of coding concepts using Finnish pedagogy. An international course from Finland to teach basics of computer coding using fun activities. Grades II-III | Computer Required MY FIRST GAME Students are introduced to Computer Science concepts using activities related to everyday life. They are guided to create their first game in this program. Grades VI-VIII | Computer required MY FIRST WEBSITE Students crete their very own website using HTML + CSS, the most student friendly scripting languages. Grades VI-VIII | Computer Required

Learning Outcomes

Program designed according to international standards  Pre Assessment and Post Assessment for students (Optional) Activity-based, interactive learning  Complimentary one-hour session(s) for parents on Cyber Awareness  School promoting a progressive, 21st century skill -Coding enhances logic building,creativity, problem solving skills


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MindChamp Teaching Solutions

Mumbai, India

We not only want to teach students how to code but also build a vibrant culture of coding education in the country, where every child is equipped with the power to translate his/her imagination into reality.

Manasi Kashikar, Co-founder@MindChamp.

Helping kids learn important 21st-century skills like logical thinking and problem solving through computer coding. We also enable women in technology to get back to the workforce by training them to teach kids how to code.
Sneha Krishnan,  Co-founder@MindChamp


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