Music Programming Basics by Mehackit

Are you ready to make your own music by programming? In Music Programming Basics you will learn the essential skills to make your own songs with beats and melodies with a program called Sonic Pi. It is the perfect place to get started with creative technology and learn the basics of programming in a fun and engaging way!

Learning Outcomes

During this module you will learn the very basics of programming music. We want to approach technology in creative and cross-curricular way that makes it possible for everyone to get inspired about it.
The main objectives of this Basic Module are listed below. Learning objectives are divided to Programming, Music and Creative Project Work. The more specific learning objectives of each chapter can be found in the Educator Learning objectives
The student…
… can make, save and run a program in the Sonic Pi environment
… can understand what is a syntax of a programming language
… can write basic programming commands from scratch with the right syntax
… can understand how a computer reads the program
… can read error messages and fix the program according to them
… can do sequencing with functions and Iteration with code blocks
… can read comments and use them to explain the code.
… understands that programming can be a creative skill, like writing or playing!
… can understand the difference between linear and multi-threaded programming!
The student…
… can understand the concept of notes and octaves
… can change the tempo of a song
… can write simple melodies
… can use various synthesizer sounds included in Sonic Pi
… can modify sounds with options
… can program drum-beats with samples
… can write a simple bass line
… understands the role of repetition in music
… can use effects in songs
… can reflect on the musical decisions made in the projects.
Creative Project Work
The student…
… learns to search for inspiring projects in the web
… knows the meanings of different creative commons licences and the limits of copying others’ work.
… learns to find answers to programming-related questions in the web
… can develop one’s own musical idea with the given subject and programming tools
… can give constructive feedback on the creative projects of others.
… can utilise the feedback given by others to develop their own project further


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