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Teaching the basic and aadvanced Drawing, Sketching and Colouring. Water colouring step wise on white board for them to understand well and inculcate an artistic and creative attitude in them. Conducting VIRTUAL drawing and painting classes from 5+ kids to adults. Portrait sketches, Oil painting on canvas, Colour Pencil shading, 3D, Colouring techniques advance Water colour courses, One can do self and family portraits easily and independently after learning the concept. Students learn to draw from basic using different shapes and forms to create any object. 


Learning Outcomes

Student Testimonial:
I was simply looking to engage Aasritha into an art class as I have not sent her to any art classes before and bumped into this gem's post on Facebook group. 😊 As soon as I saw previous classes pictures, without even a second thought I signed up for her classes. I can see her hard work and talent in her students art. That's more than enough. Some students could be born artists and they can do well in an art class and rest might struggle to get there. For a teacher, I feel bringing everyone to the same level of skillset is tough, that is the speciality of Yogita! Kudos to you 👏🏼 - Lavanya Dontula, mom to Aasritha (10) 


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"Art An Expression" is a platform to explore the inner imagination and craft the same on paper and canvas. It teaches you details of particular art forms making it easy for all.

Yogita Online Art Classes

Art is meditation and creativity based on imaginations. A child is an artist by birth, to remain same needs motivation, guidance. "Art an Expression" provides platform to spill imaginations on paper, fill with colors and creations of your own to cherish.

Yogita Gupta, Founder, Teacher.


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