Positive Parenting from Finland

Reimagine Parenting

  • How can I help my child to make friends?
  • What to do when my child wants to quit his hobby?
  • Are their ways to limit screen time in a constructive way?
  • Why is my child feeling sad?
  • How can my child learn to use his strengths?

We are here to support and help modern time parents solve these challenges. In our new audio course we will share practical insights on what really works so that you can feel happier and more confident with your parenting ability. For almost any occupation you can study and even get a degree, but not in parenting. Now, finally we have a practical guide to help us all out.

Learning Outcomes

What you will learn:

  • Understand the pedagogical approach from Finland.
  • How to use positive pedagogy from Finland to raise confident and creative children
  • Learn practical tools and techniqus for every day purposes.
  • Be inspired by your children.
  • Find out essential facts about children’s development.
  • Get guidance and support to become a successful parent.

Social skills, emotional skills, cooperation skills, creativity skills and other 21st century skills. 


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Futurecode is a Helsinki based education technology company, which operates in the fields of education and entertainment, emphasizing pedagogy from Finland. Our passion is to inspire and empower children to embrace their creativity, grow into empathetic persons with strong self-esteem and great social skills, to face the all new challenges future will bring to them.


Espoo, Finland

Welcome to the journey of Miracle Parenthood from Finland!

Jim Solatie and Pia Solatie, CEO and Co-founder.


Under 15




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