Stories Matter

Let’s radically change the way we connect, teach, and communicate with our children. How? Through stories. After spending 20 years with students in different schools, I realized the need to reach out to people, sharing my knowledge and expertise. Being a psychologist, I found that the best way of connecting with people is through a story. In this video module, each video set will have one story and a corresponding video that covers the concept or subject. The subjects covered include Math, Science, English and SEL (socio-emotional learning). The focus is on activity-based learning. This course is best for the 5-12 age group and primary educators.

Learning Outcomes

Languages: LSRW learning for subjects like maths and science, concept-based stories will be used to develop topics


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Stories Matter: Learning through story-telling, activity-based learning, holistic learning

Stories Matter

New Delhi, India

"Each one of us has a story, we're all connected through stories, so let's make each story a positive one. Being a psychologist, I found that the best way of learning is through a story. Through Stories Matter, I hope to build a culture of student-teacher bonding where stories lead to interesting and memorable learning experiences both at schools and also extended to homes with parents especially for expat parents who wish to nurture the mother tongue in a foreign country."

Indu Punj, Founder.


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