We Encourage

Changing the way of making things possible. We invite our customers to make an impact and see how and where their money is being spent and how it has enabled the change. We offer a fundraising platform and operate as fundraising agent for small NGOs, freeing up their time from money collecting to actual doing. The service is free for the NGO and small-scale fundraisers, we receive a commission from the donation. We also offer reporting and follow up tools for the cause creators to enable transparency and traceability.

The business model is built around openess and our customers are able to see how much is spent in running our business. We believe that with the right kind of business model, values and mindset, we are able to create a business that makes an impact and is profitable.

We welcome you to join and invite you to support this initiative.

Learning Outcomes

With the contributions received, girls from the under-priviledged sections from the society will be sponsored and receive funding to study at schools and receive education which improves their livelihood, offers then equality, empowers them.



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We Encourage is an initiative to empower girls who need support to receive education. It overall aims to improve the girls position in the society.

We Encourage Oy Ltd.


Luckily, today’s technology allows a different kind of solution to be built. We are replacing the concept of charity with IMPACT INVESTING for individuals.

Anna Juusela, CEO & Founder.


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Weblink : https://encourage.fi

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