OPIN is a global platform to network and collaborate with schools across the globe. Schools and teachers with similar interests can come together to co-create projects and help students learn the 21st century skills using our leading learning product portfolio. It also serve as an ecosystem for high quality educational service providers to showcase their products.

We empower to educate with a mission to make the best of global education and educational services accessible worldwide.

Through OPIN you can

Connect with schools and teachers across the globe using our matchmaking service. Find common interests, share global educational best practices and become part of a growing educational community. You can also connect with worldwide leading educational products and services on our platform and help your students learn through innovative ideas.

Collaborate with teachers or schools on the topics of your interest on our platform in a fun and engaging way. Students can collaborate with each other on projects or topics.

Co-create projects together on the platform and learn from each other. Students can do joint activities using the high-quality educational products and services on our platform. They can collaborate with other students across the world to create a greater impact on the world while learning future skills.